Would a 26 Year Old Technology Meet Your Customers’ Needs Today? [video]

Man having a hard time using old computer
Rielle Ullberg   Fri May 24, 2019

Invoices or statements can be an ideal recurring opportunity to communicate with your customers.

1960 – That was when paper statements appeared (investment statements, bank statements, insurance renewals).  That was 60 years ago. 

1993 - PDF statements came along, 26 years ago.

What other 26 year old technologies meet your customers’ needs today? Would your customers be happy if you used 26 year old computers? Probably not!

Invoices or statements done properly can help build your brand and strengthen your customer relationships. IndiVideo, our interactive personalized video platform, creates the opportunity to do just that. To learn more, watch our award-winning demonstration at FinovateSpring! 

About the author: Rielle Ullberg

Rielle Ullberg has worked to implement SaaS solutions for organizations both big and small. She is a fintech fanatic and communications enthusiast. In her role at BlueRush, Rielle leads marketing and facilitates the company's digital strategy. Email her at


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