BlueRush offers deep expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas in healthcare. We are leaders in the communication of content to key healthcare segments including health care professionals, patients & caregivers. We are frequently recognized for making complex subject matter easy to understand and in the fast changing world of healthcare this is a key differentiator. We carefully craft messages and content for product launches and deploy through multiple platforms including traditional web and mobile aimed at practitioners and patients. We provide simple and cost-effective solutions that resonate with medical and pharmaceutical stakeholders.

Patient Support Portals

BlueRush has worked with key medical institutions like Johns Hopkins, patient associations and leading pharmaceutical companies to build the patient support portals of the future. Our programs bring much needed expert content and tools to a wide range of patient groups. We use storytelling and visual mediums to engage and educate. We develop fully secured side-effects tracking, as well as interactive conversations that not only act as personal digital guides, but yield a new level of robust metrics.

Continuing Medical Education

Known for its highly effective and CME programs, BlueRush has set the bar for medical education with a strong visual flair. From initial strategy to production, our work has been engaging and impacting physicians… and winning numerous healthcare awards.

Sales Support

On the sales side we have been at the forefront of enabling sales reps with E-Detail aids on their tablets and Smartphones. Our apps and web applications provide for concise, meaningful and consistent conversations with medical professionals. We have a deep understanding of the rep/HCP interaction and design to enhance the efficient flow of information. We incorporate existing videos and design and develop our own through our in-house video production team.

Digital Reach

Our Digital Reach platform extends sales support capabilities to remote conversations between sales reps and doctors. Where in-person meetings are not possible, the platform houses approved content and makes it possible to efficiently share it from any location. Including full tracking and data analytics, the Digital Reach platform is an invaluable tool to assist sales in today’s new reality.

  • Rich media medical training and patient support content
  • eDetail Aids and Tablet presentations
  • Patient support communication platform
  • PAAB compliant content and sales support
  • Web tools, widgets
  • Launch campaigns
  • Lead generation programs

Trust in our experience and expertise. See the results we achieve for our top healthcare clients.