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Digital Marketing

Create seamless, innovative, and personalized digital experiences for every stage of the customer journey. Create customer lifetime value with a holistic approach to digital marketing that builds brand awareness, drives acquisition, and offers upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


conversion rate improvement
vs. no personalized video


of acquisition costs can be reduced by using personalized video


average view-through-rate compared with 34%
in generic video


Target new clients by creating personalized, interactive and dynamic experiences that humanize your brand and share your solutions. Trust IndiVideo to deliver proven results by driving conversion rates from 4x to 42x on acquisition marketing and net new engagements.


Enables a seamless onboarding experience for new clients or existing clients trying new products. Provide dynamic onboarding solutions to your clients outlining functionality, features, and benefits in a relatable and understandable format, tailored to their individual needs.

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