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Who We Are

At BlueRush, We’re As Unique As You Are

We understand every business has its own diverse range of challenges and client opportunities. We prioritize service that meets every single one. By harnessing the power of our SaaS platform, we create personalized experiences that help form an emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

Our Origin Story

Born on the east side of Toronto, BlueRush evolved into a Canadian SaaS powerhouse. During our 15 year history, we have grown our talent pool from the Montreal to Toronto corridor, building a team of leading creators, developers and management who are focused on providing leading interactive and personalized digital solutions for industry-leading organizations around the world.

Disruptive, data-driven, and determined to make a difference, we offer simple solutions to complex problems. Our goal is to connect individuals digitally in the most human way possible because we believe people are at the heart of every business.

Our Mission

Become the number one platform to create the best solutions for video marketing and customer communications of every kind.

Our Vision

Accelerate the global transition toward
trusted and secure personalized customer

A Culture of Innovation

We’re passionate about innovating. We
pursue, attract, and hire top-tier talent driving progress in digital software, data, personalization and interactivity.

Award winning expertise

Accolades include:

• 2019 FinovateSpring Best of Show
• 2019 IAC Award for Best Financial Services Online Video
• 2018 IAC Award for Outstanding Online Video Campaign

• 2017 Communicator Award for Best Online Video
• 2016 Silver W3 Award for Best B2C Branded Video

Leadership Team

Steve Taylor, CEO

Larry Lubin, President

Nicole Ballestrin, CFO

Len Smofsky, CXO

Richard Pineault, CTO

Jeffrey Liberman, VP Sales & Marketing

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We believe in a personal, human connection.

Contact us today to see how we can help you engage your clients and elevate your client experience.