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Build More Genuine Customer Relationships

Drive Results with Digital Engagement

Shifting customer relationships to a digital medium is more than just an online migration. It’s how you engage with and connect to your clients in a safe, secure, and authentic way. IndiVideo enables organizations to create personalized 1:1 experiences with their clients.


Discover the only personalized video creation to
where clients don’t need to share data in the cloud.

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IndiVideos render on your customer’s device, rather than in the cloud. This uses less bandwidth and offers scalability that ultimately results in a more flexible pricing model for our clients.


Increased adoption, client engagement, information retention, brand awareness and customer loyalty – we let the numbers speak for themselves.


We guide you through the entire IndiVideo campaign process including planning, video template production, data integration, and data tracking. We can also equip you with the tools to manage your own execution.

BlueRush provides as little or as much support as you require. We handle the entire IndiVideo customer communication campaign including planning, video template production, data integration and post production reporting.

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Intelligent Content and Communications

Relevant, Dynamic, and Interactive

Take a strategic approach to managing client engagement by combining automation, personalization, and scale. Empower your organization to create tailored experiences to strengthen client relationships, improve customer retention, and enhance digital experiences. Engage with your clients in a more meaningful way and watch brand loyalty soar.

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