Case Study
AFP Habitat:
Real-time personalized video pension statements motivate pension investors and increase conversions.

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Our Challenge

AFP Habitat – one of Chile’s largest pension funds – needed an engaging digital experience to replace their paper pension statements and motivate their 2 million members to open new accounts or make additional pension contributions.

Our Solution

Create interactive personalized videos that connect with viewers to replace the normally difficult-to-understand text-based pension statement. Each video leveraged data to create a customized 1:1 experience unique to each consumer.


of viewers watched the entire video


of viewers reported increased satisfaction
and better understanding

Personalizing the Journey

Simple, side-scrolling UX made the game easy for anyone to play.
Inviting illustrations made the experience charming and approachable and featured intro animation.

Personalized Email and Video

IndiVideo replaces printed statements and is delivered with a personalized email to further strengthen the audience connection.

CTA Up-Sell Opportunities

Our video breaks down the multitude of options unique to each viewer and allows them to take immediate action depending on their needs.

Data Gathering

We provide AFP Habitat with robust data about their customer interactions so they can study insights, react accordingly and take proactive measures to deliver exceptional service.

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