The 5 Keys For Effective Personalized Marketing

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Larry Lubin   Tue June 19, 2018

Like the other 96% of marketers, you agree that personalization is the key to advancing your customer relationships. You know that personalization is by far the best way to engage your customers on the deepest level. By delivering content that caters to every individual prospect and customer, you are setting your company up for success.

When it comes to rolling out a successful personalized campaign, there are several things that need to go right. To outperform the brands who are creating the best personalized experiences online, you and your team need to become personalized marketing gurus. By keeping the following keys for effective personalized marketing in mind, you are guaranteed to see results.

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1. Cater to Each Individual Client

How do you make a million different customers feel like they are one in a million? What works for “Customer A” isn’t going to have the same impact for “Customer B”. For companies offering a product or service that can apply to a heavily segmented audience, you need to find ways to connect with every one of your customers. One video that appeals to a wide audience isn’t going to have the same impact as a video that is able to adapt to customers on an individual basis.

The more your message is able to adapt to your customer’s unique desires, the better chance you have of making a lasting impression with your message.

Watch in the interactive video below to see how, after a few simple questions, the video is able to deliver a personalized experience unique to the user’s needs.

2. Focus on the Long Game

Personalized content is extremely effective at acquiring and onboarding new clients. In an era where customers are becoming less loyal, it’s now more important and profitable to invest in a personalized customer journey that keeps them engaged with your brand. By increasing customer retention by as little as 5%, you could increase your profits by anywhere from 25 to 95%.

When customers feel unappreciated, they are more likely to look to your competitors. Even customers who spend the most money with your company will look at your competitor’s prices. So it's important to remind them why your brand has always been the best option and will continue to be the best for them.

3. Invest in Your 1st Party Customer Data

Sure, you can reach out to a third-party research team for a list of marketing leads. But by dedicating the resources to create a database of your own, you are setting yourself up for future personalized marketing success.

Creating a rich database that captures every detail, interaction, and sale you’ve ever had with a customer, is crucial. The more information you are able to collect and sort through, the more you are going to learn from your customers. It will also be easier to predict their future purchasing behaviour and identify marketing and sales opportunities.

The numbers and statistics you are able to pull from customers’ accounts in your database aren’t just there for your marketing team and your internal marketing benefit. When incorporated into your content, this data can be used as an effective way to make your story more engaging for your customer.

There is a noticeable value difference in saying “John! You are getting closer to your savings goal” vs. “John, you are $512 away from your savings goal!”.

Watch in the video below how information from a customer’s account is used to present a story about their current situation and educates them on a new financial opportunity.

4. Make Your Message Relevant… Not Creepy

70 percent of North Americans lack confidence that their personal data is private and safe from distribution without their knowledge. So how is your brand going to build trust while leveraging customer data?

There is a line. Some marketers have been able to identify it better than others. In the case of the Netflix Twitter account (see tweet below), most would agree that line had been crossed.

netflix personalized marketing

In our article “Personalized Marketing: How Personal is too Personal?” we explore both sides of the line. Leveraging customer information can help create strong, relevant content to motivate your consumers. Of course, there are examples of “cringy” personalized content that reminds customers that you have their personal information, and invokes negative feelings of Big Brother.

Before you employ personalized content, it’s important to see that the following items apply, in order to build a strong level of trust as you launch your personalized campaign:

  • You’ve made it clear why you are gathering the data.
  • You’ve given the customer a choice to block data mining
  • You have explained the benefit of gathering data
  • The content you present is relevant to the consumer

5. Invest in Personalized Video

Personalized content has the best opportunity to increase customer engagement. A step above, personalized video is able to connect with your customers even more effectively.  Why does video outperform other methods of communication? Here are a couple key statistics we’ve pointed out in our article “Video Marketing Trends and Statistics You Need to Know”.

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See below how IndiVideo by BlueRush helps companies like yours create effective personalized experiences to each of your customers.

For more information on personalized marketing and creating personalized videos in particular, stay tuned to the BlueRush blog.

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