7 Incredible Video Marketing Facts & Stats You Need To Know Now

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Len Smofsky   Tue September 04, 2018

You wouldn’t invest in video marketing much less read this article if you didn’t believe in the power of the medium. Video has become a staple form of content just like your average blog post.

In fact, content gurus all agree that video is the future of marketing, and has far higher engagement than a typical blog article. With that said, it’s worth taking a quick look at some video marketing stats and their implications for your business.

Video Builds Brand Awareness and Drives Sales

Video content is the equivalent of a “Swiss army knife,” helping marketers and business owners achieve multiple goals at once. Enjoyment of a video increases purchase intent by 97%, and brand association by 139%.

Video Equals Better Lead Nurturing

This may surprise you, but video results in better lead nurturing. Lead capture forms are highly effective yet studies show that 97% of marketers noted an increased understanding of their product and service by means of video. Even more exciting, 76% of them saw an increase in sales.

Video Is On Demand

Audiences not only prefer video over text, they expect to see more brands producing video content. One survey revealed that 85% of people want to see more video from brands in 2018. That number will likely grow throughout 2019 and beyond.

Video Demonstrations Reign Supreme

Of all video types, “demonstrational” videos come out on top as the most effective. They include product demo videos (49%), tutorial videos (50%) and customer testimonial videos (51%). We put emphasis on these types of videos with our Individeo platform, and add personalization to increase engagement from viewers.

Video In the Palm Of the Hands

One of the video marketing stats that “wows” brands and creators alike, involves video on mobile devices. By 2019, video will comprise 78% of the world’s mobile data traffic. It is becoming increasingly necessary to capitalize on this ever-growing medium.

Video Length Matters

You most likely know by now, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you about the importance of video length. Roughly 95% of customers think that a video should run for less than two minutes. In fact, up to 60% of people will stop watching a video after two minutes.

Video Keeps Viewers On Site

If you want to see “average time-on-site” metrics in Google Analytics increase, consider placing more video content on your pages. Up to 80% of marketers who place videos on their site say they have seen an increase in dwell time.

Why These Video Marketing Stats Matter

A look at video marketing stats is important for any person or business who claim to take content marketing seriously. They are a reminder of a shifting paradigm where audiences flock to video as the preferred medium to learn about brands and make purchase decisions. Any marketer or business who wants to reach these audiences can’t afford to leave video out of their strategy.

If you already invest in video content, keeping these video marketing stats in mind will encourage you to keep on pushing forward or adopting new tactics. In time, your work may become another statistic of video marketing success!

For more eye-opening insights on the power of video marketing, stay tuned to the BlueRush blog and see how IndiVideo can help you reach new heights with personalized video content.

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About the author: Len Smofsky

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