Insurance Providers

Insurers are competing for digitally native clients who are demanding a more automated and streamlined online experience that is easier to understand, tailored to their individual needs.

Client Acquisition

Streamline client acquisition by personalizing the quote process, and simplifying complex policies into more digestible content.


Easily communicate new products and solutions through a personalized overview of a client’s particular policies.

Cross Sell and Upsell

Cross sell and upsell solutions to existing clients thanks to a personalized, dynamic, and measurable campaign approach. IndiVideo enables client experiences to easily target buyers and identify user engagement.


of consumers demand more personalized insurance products. (Accenture)


of young insurance agents believe that the industry is too slow to adapt to new technology. (Statista)


of [insurers] surveyed are already accelerating or looking to speed up digital transformation to maintain resilience.*

*2021 insurance industry outlook | Deloitte Insights

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